Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 11- WOW! Hardest day yet?

Yeah you read it right.   ALthough today was day eleven, it was the most difficult day since I began.  Let me start by saying it really had nothing to do with the fast at all.  It was totally mental.  Call it emotions or psychology, but I hit a mental road block today.  Before you get worried, let me tell you, I did not break the fast.  I pushed through.

It all started with RED VELVET CUPCAKES!  Yes this is my cryptonite.  My absolute favorite dessert on Earth.  Someone brought Red Velvet cupcakes to work.  A lot of them!  At first I had no problem passing them up.  But then, when I went to grab my green juice for lunch....they were there.  I think I may have even heard them calling my name.  They looked delicious.  I smelled the cream cheese frosting!  Oh, it was over at that point!  I grabbed my juice and went back to my office, but no matter how busy I kept myself, my mind went back to the fridge and dance with these sweet babies!  After all, I made it.  I left for work and headed home.  On the way home the fast food shops were also calling me.  Chik Fil et knows my name by heart!  I was physically torn down to despair!  I came home anyway!  I fixed myself a tall glass of Orange/Carrot juice which immediately pepped me up and cleared my mind.  I continues with my plans, got ready and took a 4 mile walk/jog.  By the end I was feeling great and felt like none of it had happened.  Refocused and ready to kick some Red Velvet Butt!


  1. LOL! Wow, that had to be difficult! I was laughing because of your last sentence about kicking some red velvet butt. Sometimes it's not Just about removing yourself from the temptation, because it gets in your head. The activity, exercise, was what really shut it down, it sounds like. Way to go!

  2. I was just thinking that the cupcakes and fast food sounded very tempting at that moment, but even if you had given in and had one or a chick filet that in the end, it would not have tasted as good as you'd remembered, ok, maybe the cupcake might, but the fried chick filet probably whouldn't have been as good as you'd remembered now that you've been giving yourself fresh juice, etc. You've developed an appreciation for something healthier for you!