My Project

The total project is comprised of four parts:

1.  60 Day Juice Fast
2. 90% Plant Based Diet
3. Muscle Building and Toning
4. Maintenance

The first step of this journey lies in the 60 day juice fast.  About six weeks ago, I watched the move, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead", a documentary of the journey of Australian, Joe Cross.  The movie made something go off inside me!  THAT'S ENOUGH!  My purpose for the 60 day juice fast is for total body reboot.  During this period I will consume only the juice of raw fruits and vegetables.  No animal product, no cooked food, no solids.  I fully expect this time to be a mental transformation as much as a physical one.  I have grown accustomed to eating meals with very little vegetable or fruit content, essentially no enzymatic benefit, whatsoever.  This juice "feast" is supposed to purge the body of toxins and reset the palette for the taste of fruits and vegetables.  Obviously, weight loss is another benefit, that I will enjoy as well.  There will be no extreme working out or exercise during this phase due to the limited caloric intake.  I will walk at least three times a week and continue to participate in daily aerobic exercise.  My weight loss goal is is a total of 90 pounds.  I plan to lose about 40-45 of that during the fast. 
The second step, in my eyes, would only be attainable after the fast.  After the fast, and following transition to solid food, I plan on remaining on a diet that consists of 90% plant based food.  A lot of the nutrients in our food is lost when we boil, fry, bake, broil, nuke, or otherwise over process the things we put into our mouths.  I personally know two people (and have heard numerous other accounts of other people) who have abolished cancer through the use of a 100% plant based diet.  The basis of this diet is more like what our bodies were designed to eat.  I am still undecided and will remain undecided (until after the fast) as to whether or not I will go vegetarian or add some animal product back to my diet.  My body, currently does not do well with digesting meat.  I will re evaluate after the fast.  During this phase, I will increase my level of exercise and work out.  More calories will come from the nuts, beans and legumes that are added, allowing for a more strenuous work out.  Walking will turn into jogging, again three times a week.  Aerobic exercise will become more intense as well.  This phase will continue until I reach my goal weight of 1 and I am taken off of all prescription medications.
The fourth and final step of my transformation will be muscle building and toning.  This phase will begin after Prescription medications are gone and 70 pounds have been lost.  I will begin by increasing overall exercise, resulting in 10-20 pounds of additional weight loss.  Then I will regain those 5-10 pounds in form of muscle.  I will begin resistance and free weight training to tone, add muscle and burn additional fat.
After the transformation is complete, I will enter maintenance.  This will consist of a low-fat, high fiber, high enzyme content diet, comprised of at least 75% vegetable and fruit content.  I will regularly do a 10 day juice fast every three months to reboot.  Most of all, I will begin to look forward to a long life.