Health Update- Updated each week

Starting off:
If I had to rate my health from 1-10, I would probably give it a 4 or 5 (currently an 8).  That's horrible, considering I am only in my mid-thirties, I have access to the best health care and have the knowledge it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.  At 5 feet 10 inches, I weigh in at 263 pounds (currently 206).  The label of clinically obese about sums it up.  UGH!  So before I started this journey, I want to record the facts, to look back and compare to.

BUILD- current numbers in bold
Height- 5'10"
Weight- starting-263.......current-206 That's a loss of 57 lbs!!!
BLOOD PRESSURE- 132/82  current 114/72

CHOLESTEROL- updated numbers in bold
Total- 235- high (currently 170)
LDL- 135- borderline high/high (currently )
HDL- 28- low (currently 39)
Triglycerides- 213 high (currently 158)

Rx- to be striked out as stopped
Ambien- 10mg- nightly  down to 5mg
Wellbutrin- -1x Daily weaning off
Levothyroxiine- 1.44 mcg- once daily- weaning off
Xannax- 2mg- as needed
Over the counter used on a regular basis: Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Laxative, Acid reducer, caffeine

SYMPTOMS- to be striked out as relieved
exhaustion, dizziness, light headed, anxiety, depression, short of breath, chest pains, headaches, constipation, upset stomach, diarrhea, sore joints, sore back, acid reflux, skin breakouts, insomnia, low energy

As far as I am concerned....THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!