For the first phase of this journey, I plan on slowly working into an exercise regime.   During the first few weeks of the fast, I will be walking three times a week, increasing distance each week.

Phase two will increase exercise to 5 times per week.  Walking will remain the source of cardio, about 3 miles each day.  This phase will begin on week three of the fast and last for one week or until I hit 25 pounds lost.  If that weight loss has been achieved before this phase starts, it will only last one week.  If I haven't hit 25 pounds on the fast before this phase, it will last until those numbers are met.

Phase three will begin after 25lbs have been lost on the fast.  It will consist of more adding to the cardio already in place.  Depending on how my knees are doing at that point, I would like to start jogging at least 2 of the 5 days.  This phase will last until I hit 200 pounds.  That's 50 pounds lost since the beginning of the fast.

For my reward for 50 pounds lost, I am buying a road bike.  My exercise from this point will coming from biking.  I plan to start out at around 5 miles and work my way up to 15.  This phase will be continual until I get to 180.  I will continue biking after this phase.

This final phase will consist of biking with more intensity, jogging, and other cardio until a weight of 170 is met.  At that point, I will begin a muscle building program.  I have not decided what program, but something intense, along the line of P90X or Ab Ripper.  During this phase, I expect to gain 10 pounds back in muscle, ending up at 180-toned.

Exercise will continue to be a part of my life to stay fit and at the appropriate weight.  I will continue to bike- 10-15 miles, three times a week.