We purchased a Champion Juicer based on recommendations of friends who have used them for decades. We also checked a hundred reviews online. It is a masticating juicers, meaning that it pulverized the vegetables and fruit then squeezes the juice out of it. Other juicers will spin the juice after shredding it. We went with the Champion because with the squeezing, you avoid oxidization of the juice. It is pricier than some juicers on the market, but less expensive then the top of the line juicers. Click the following link to see more: championjuicer

I've mentioned before that I got my motivation form the movie, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, by Joe Cross. It was during my second viewing that something clicked. I had to give this a try! Then I started diving into research, as I typically do. The juice fast is considered a Reboot.
By no means do you have to go for the 60 day challenge, this is a personal challenge and goal. In fact, you may consider just adding juicing to your present diet. The benefits will remain.

To address some concerns that I've heard from friends and family:

What about protein? I will be getting more protein than necessary. The main sources will be kale, spinach, avocados, red leaf lettuce, beets, and turnip greens.

What if you get sick? I will be under the doctors care for the duration of the fast. I have to have blood work done every three weeks to check protein, sugars, cholesterol, thyroid functions and pituitary. He will also me monitoring my blood pressure and overall physical and mental health.

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For more information onto the fast follow this link: fatsickandnearlydead.com
Also try fatsickandnearlydeadinok.blogspot.com and rebootyourlife.com