Monday, April 9, 2012

First stage is over. Great....Actually AWESOME!

That's right, the first stage!  I have completed my 60 day juice fast.  What an epic journey it was.  I lost a total of 57 pounds in the 60 days of fasting.  I honestly feel young again!  Now, it is day 4 post fast.  This weekend I played around with a little solid food and can honestly say that I already miss the juicing!  Not necessarily the actual juicing or even the taste, but the consistency that is juicing!  I miss how easy it was to eat healthy while juicing.  Basically, I woke up and made juices and drank them.  Now that I can eat solid foods, I have to actually make informed decisions about each thing I am putting into my mouth.  I miss the empty, light feeling in my gut, that juicing brought with it!  With all that being said, I know that I cannot go on a lifelong juicing fast.  I have to learn what and how to eat, all over again.  That means that we are on the next step of this total journey.  EATING healthy.

Yesterday was Easter, which of course means Easter dinner.  I had a small piece of Turkey.  It was my first piece of meat in three months.    It was delicious but not well received by my body.   I also had a small salad and fresh pasta tossed with garlic, tomatoes and spinach.  Overall, it went well.  Today, I have decided to spend the day RAW.  Smoothies and juice only.  Until I fully learn what exactly I need to eat, I will try small portions of food, mostly vegetarian, partially raw, with the occasional piece of meat (chicken or fish).  Beef will be limited to once per month.  I love a good steak.  However, I see even the once a month beef shrinking to once every couple of months.  So, the next week will be mostly smoothies and juices with light balanced meals.  Of course I am already looking forward to my next juice reboot (which is planned for May 15).  This one will be much shorter, probably around 15 days.  

The results from my first reboot were unbelievable!  I feel great, actually awesome!  The numbers are there to back it up, too!  Take a few minuted to watch the video review of the fast, including the blood work results!

I welcome all advice and ideas on how to move into healthier veg and raw eating.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 51- Pushing hard until the end!

Day 51 today.  It went really well.  I still feel fantastic, but am quite ready to chew again.  I am down 53 lbs as of this morning.  53 pounds in 50 days!  That's insane!  My original goal was to lose 50 lbs in the entire 60 days.    I hit 50 lbs lost at around day 40, so I made a new goal of being under 200 by the end of the fast.  Well, last week I only lost 2 pounds, so I don't think I am going to make my new goal, but am giving it all I've got until day 61!  We shall see!  Thanks for following, everyone!  We are on the final stretch of the first part of my journey!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 45 - Still going strong!

Today is day 45! That means there are only 15 days left in this fast. The weight loss has really slowed done this week. That was to be expected for two reasons....last week I lost 9 pounds and I have now taken up cycling and kayaking. I think my body was just freaking out because of all the activity and is holding on to water weight.,,I still feel great, just want to drop the weight! Sorry for the delay in posts, recently. I am exercising like crazy and have been updating my YouTube channel more frequently. You can always check that out on my channel: MrMattReyno. I will update with pictures and new numbers later this week! Hang in there, be healthy, and get you juice in as much as possible.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 36 review!

Day 36- Weekly weigh in

Wow!  36 days on this juice fast.  I still feel great physically.  I feel well rested, less stressed, full of energy and generally great.  I am a bit bummed today because it was time to weigh in this morning.  I only lost one pound last week!  I can't understand how that could happen.  I worked my tail off working out, drinking juice like crazy and upping my water intake.  I have resolved to not worry about it too much.  It is probably just my body adjusting to all the changes.  I have also started to change my way of thinking.  It's not all about thew weight.  I feel great!  That alone should be enough to keep me encouraged.  At the same time, I see my body and I know what I still have to lose. So, one pound seems menial considering the road ahead, but onward we go.  I have 24 days left.  There is no way I'm quitting now! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 30- Half way there!

Well, I made it half way.  Today is day 30 of 60.  There are a lot of people who said I wouldn't make it this far....HAHA!  I am feeling fantastic.  My energy is through the roof, I am looking thinner, and my stamina, during exercise is increasing everyday!  My clothes are fitting quite nicely, at least the clothes that I haven't had to give away.  I have had to get rid of two garbage bags full of dress shirts.  Now, my pants are getting loose enough to start thinking about replacements.  Unfortunately, my butt is usually the first thing to disappear!  So in the last 30 days, I have lost 41 lbs!!!!  That really exciting!  I am half way through my fast and almost half way through my weight loss around the same time.  I really don't expect to lose another 40 in the next 30 days, but I am going for 199 by the end of the fast!  That is 23 pounds.  I am not going to lose sleep over it!  Here's to the next 30 days!!!!