Monday, February 6, 2012

60 Day Juice Fast- Day One complete!! Feeling great.

Day 1 went really well.  I cannot believe the amount of energy I had today.  I realy didn't feel hungry except for a little in the early afternoon.  That was my fault....I had a meeting and didn't have any juice with me.  So it was a few hours with no water, no juice...OOPS,  lesson learned.  I am super stoked about tomorrow and can't wait to get even more into this.  Of course, finding out first thing this morning that the prep for the fast made me drop 13 pounds really helped with the motivation!  Current weight 250 even.   Day one down, so far so good!


  1. Which one didn't you like? Thanks for ordering my juicer and showing me how. Am praying about doing a juice fast too, though not 60 days. Will let you go before me and prepare the way :-)

    1. The V-8 was a little acidic. It was close to being good. I am going to work on the recipe. Let me know about the fast. There is some preparation you will want to do to make the transition easier.