Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 8 Summary

Another great day in Juice Land.  Sorry everybody, no video today.  I keep saying the same thing, but I will say it again....I feel great!  The energy level is still soaring, I feel lighter, and I am loving the exercise.  I took my two daughters on a three mile walk in the evening and felt great afterwards.  As I mentioned before, I got new work out clothes that I was wanting to try out.  What a perfect Valentines Day gift!

Spent the day thinking about how nice it would be to take my wife out to dinner on V-Day, but stayed focused on life after the fast.  How much better will it be to be a leaner, stronger, and older husband for her.  I think she understands and appreciates the effort.

It is so crazy how the tradition on Valentine's Day pushes us to think of candy, cookies, cakes, and treats.  My day was spent thinking about my wife and how I can love her more.  That made me start to think about love in general and how I can be a more loving person to those around me.  So, although, I'd love a piece of red velvet cake right now, I am thankful that my focus was taken off of the celebration and put onto the real purpose!

Do one thing today that will improve the way you love people around you.  Have you told that person how much you love them?  Would a quick phone call brighten their day?  Sometimes the smallest gift can make the biggest impact.  How about a little love note?

Be Healthy  ~Matt

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  1. I was reading some of your posts after seeing your link on Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead's Facebook Page, you have lost alot of weight, impressive :) Keep up the good work, and your right Valentine's Day is a really tough holiday because of the sweets being pushed everywhere around you. So glad you were able to focus on making lifelong changes to be able to Love you wife even longer!!