Friday, February 3, 2012

Two that we know we don't like! Trial and definite error!

In preparation for the upcoming fast, we were experimenting a little with little variations that we could make to try out with our daily juices. Well that did no go well at all. My was pretty close to the mean grew I drink, but it had a bad flavor. When a bottle of juice sets you back around $3.00,you make it work. You can gulp them down or slip throughout the day. Allison made a shake that was disgusting. Nobody was able to get it down. We are going to work on honing our skills, stick with the recipes and work hard to get through what is typically the hardest part of the fast...the first three days!


  1. Why were they so bad? Can't you stick with ones you like or do you have to switch it up?

    1. You will find your favorites, but a variety is great! My main drink will be the mean green, while Allison's will be carrot/apple. You have to find what you like or you won't keep it up! Different vegetable have different benefits, so it's best to try new variations. Keep in mind that your juice will be most beneficial if it is at least 80% vegetables. :)

  2. Just thought I would share a recipe with you :) I used Red Cabbage in this one and really liked it, I have a couple of other juicing recipes on my blog as well. I try to use mostly veggies with a fruit or two to help add some sweetness.