Friday, February 10, 2012

Medication update! The list gets smaller!!!!

Goodbye Ambien!!!
Really excited to announce that my medication list is getting smaller.  My body is changing, but even more importantly, I feel better than I have in a decade!  One of my big goals on this journey is to get off of all my prescription and OTC medications.  On day one, I began weaning off of the Rx meds and guess what?.....Last night, for the first time in two years, I fell asleep without the need of Ambien.  It feels so freeing to be done with it!  The medication is a powerful drug that forces your body to sleep.  Not Good! This morning, I woke up, bright eyed, and ready to conquer the world!  It usually takes me hours to wake up all the way!
The other meds are decreasing too.  I hope to be off of all of them by the end of the first month, but maybe sooner!!!  You can check on the progress of the Rx Drop by clicking on the health update button up top!  I know you're getting tired of hearing it, but I honestly can't believe how I feel after only 5 days!!!!  OH YES!

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