Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day Four- Summary

Today was another great day. Sorry, no video today....I'm really tired. Got off work a little early, so went for a long walk with Bryn...3 miles. All the juices were good today, so that made it even easier. I am really still shocked that I am not hungrier than I am. I know it's only four days in, but this doesn't seem so bad after all. I was talking to someone on Facebook, who is also fasting, and said that it feels like I'm getting on the ramp to the fast lane. I have heard that if you make it past the first week, it gets easier as time goes by. I can't has been pretty easy so far. Coming up to the first weekend! Hopefully actually being around food won't be that tempting. Looking forward to week two!

Still can't believe the number of people hitting the blog. I have even heard from some of you that you have started to juice too. Would like everyone to chime in on the blog. It's getting about 200 visits a day and very few comments. Let me know if you're considering a fast, even a short one. Let me know how you plan on getting healthier. Let me know if you have suggestions, juice recipes, or if you've been down this road! Talk to you all tomorrow morning!

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